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Mirror of Hope’s aim is to go out and make a difference. No one can change the world, but each one of us can go out and change a little part of it. It is in this spirit that our community service is rooted.

While it is no question that we support kids from the most of underprivileged backgrounds, we try to create a community of love and gratitude. We educate our kids on the values of giving and generosity, emphasizing that those who support them do not do it from a surplus point of view, but from a heart of love and sacrifice, hence the message that anyone can do something as long as it is done from a point of love and sacrifice.

It is therefore a policy at MOH that after finishing high school every student has to attend to a six months community service to qualify for a university sponsorship( Wings of Hope program). Equally, every school holiday, all our students are posted into different places of need within Kibera where they provide their services to equally less fortunate members of our society for the first two weeks of their holiday.

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