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Our History

Mirror of Hope was found in response to the plight of needy children and women of Kibera. The organization was formed to bring back hope to the residence of this huge slum of Africa using the transformative power of education and the ripple effect of women empowerment.

In 2010 Thomas and his wife Judy formed a small group initially aimed at providing care and support to orphans and vulnerable children of Kibera and to enable capacity building and empowerment to women in order to create change and transformation in one of the world’s biggest slums. These women and children were initially receiving support from an organization that later dissolved abruptly, leaving them in a vulnerable state with their lives and dreams at stake.

Among the many challenges that come with living in Kibera, poverty is the biggest of them all. And among the many solutions one could think of, fighting poverty through education and empowering women, who are sole providers in most families comes first…or at least we believe so.

It is through this way that Mirror of Hope exists today first, to provide education sponsorship to children coming from needy and extremely poor families in Kibera. We target education as the major transformational tool to bring change. Through sponsoring these children, it is our belief, having evident proof, that these children will acquire knowledge to help themselves and their families out of the chains of poverty that for generations has enslaved them.

Secondly, we aim to empower all economically vulnerable women through entrepreneurship via the Women Empowerment program and lastly, Our computer training facility and Music Centre are subsidiary programs aimed at using the collaborative power of music and technology to develop careers and create jobs for the youth coming from underprivileged areas.

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