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Fundraise for us

Mirror of Hope are fully dependent on donations from well-wishers. Join us in raising funds to support our activities. We have had some fantastic fundraising initiatives from trivia nights to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in a onesie!!

Try and think outside the box for your fundraising ideas. They don’t have to be extravagant with hundreds of people in attendance. Just remember that US$50 will provide one student with their uniform for the year!

When planning for your fundraiser remember to explain to everyone what the money is going towards.

Some ideas for fundraisers are:

  • Raffle – nothing to sell? How about offering your time to your family/friends for jobs they might enjoy doing. Anything from cleaning a linen cupboard to sweeping up leaves!
  • Charity chocolates in your office (always a winner!)
  • Fun runs – get fit whilst earning money for Mirror of Hope. Assign a $$ amount to each km and motivate yourself to keep going!
  • Movie night – invite some friends over for a small donation. Set up your lounge room like a cinema. Offer popcorn and a favorite movie. Friends + raising money + popcorn + movie = WIN WIN WIN WIN
  • Cold turkey – love chocolate? Addicted to social media? Would your friends be amused watching you trying to stay away from these things for a month? Then this could be perfect for you.
  • Name the baby competition – who’s that baby?! Get old baby photos of your makes or your bosses/teachers. Stick them up around your office and see if people can guess who they are!!! Hilarious.
  • Word jar – a great one for an open plan office. Have a ‘banned’ word of the week and if anyone uses it they have to donate to the word jar.
  • Sports days – tennis round robin, barefoot bowls, darts night, putt putt tournament

Have another idea? Please contact us and we can add your idea to the list.