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Women Empowerment

The Women Empowerment Program promotes entrepreneurship among the economically vulnerable women of Kibera.Our women project was born from one horrible statistic of women in Kibera dying from HIV/AIDS prevalence. Most of them widowed, these women had submitted to the fact that having the disease was the end of it all and the stigma from the society was too much to bear to even start with.

As a result most were losing their lives leaving many families broken and many children homeless. This program was thus initially formed to bring hope back to these women whose lives had hit rock bottom. The agenda was to show these women whom society had neglected that there was still a second chance and the society still had a place to them.

From encouraging them to take their drugs to changing their perspective to becoming self- relied entrepreneurs, we have managed to create a wave of positivity and change. Through support these women are emerging victors prior to their initial victim state. Now targeting all economically vulnerable women in the slum, the program is making tremendous achievements in sustainable development of women in Kibera.