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Who We Serve

What if there is a Covid-19 outbreak in Kibera? The thought is unimaginable for our beneficiaries and staff. Most of Kibera slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than US $1.00 per day. The majority are day laborers depending on menial jobs to survive. Social distancing is almost impossible.  The houses are small squared mud structures with little to very poor ventilation. Families are large to an average of 8 members per household. Water is accessed from community points  and toilets are shared, residents have to walk for long miles to access food…..

Our beneficiaries lack access to basic services such as electricity, running water, and medical care. For our children and  the youth, schools are the refuge to a daily meal. Mirror of Hope is the refuge to their daily struggles.

Mirror of Hope has launched the COVID-19 Kibera response and recovery Fund. 

In this together

Spread Cheer, Spread Kindness ,Stop the Spread

Educating the children, youth and women of Kibera remains the core of our programs even in fighting the pandemic. As of April 16th 2020, 234 cases were reported in Kenya. 11 deaths were confirmed in April.  The government directive that all school and higher learning institutions close as a precaution is still in place.Our children started reporting back mid march to their homes in the slums and as of April we are grateful all of them are in good health. Our work doesn’t stop. Nairobi takes the lead in reported cases posing a high risk for the slum dwellers.

Kibera residents need your help, they need hope, they need to hear your message of love. They need civic education to stop the spread.If you are a sponsor and would love to make a small video for your sponsored child, this is a good time to remind them to remain calm, vigilant and assure them of a brighter day. The fear ,the uncertainity is in all of us but mostly in our vulnerable beneficiaries who lack access to quality medical care, food and shelter and the children whose education is now hanging on a thread.

Our Commitment

We strive to create a Kibera where everyone has access to the tools and resources they need to improve their health and participate in the Covid-19 fight. We provide sanitary supplies, civic education and counselling. At the end of March, we reduced our in person activities, cancelled our holiday programs, provided pamphlets to ensure the safety of our children, supporters and staff. We asked our volunteers to remain at home and observe the necessary measures to avoid contracting and spread of the virus.   Just because we are closed it does not mean the calls to Mirror of Hope for help stop coming. The lack of daily income, children at home, just means that the extra burden of care falls on our women beneficiaries who depend on our empowerment programs and income generating activities to survive.

Because of You, We Bring Hope

As of 2019, the beneficiaries from your sponsorship included:

  • 85 primary school children
  • 101 high school students
  • Sponsored 15 college/university students
  • 50 women in economic empowerment and urban agriculture
  • 51 youth in computer studies.

In 2020 we launched COVID-19 Fund and this has seen us feed over 100 families in Kibera , provide sanitary towels to girls, setup sanitary stations and provide civic education and supplies. The work is not done but we could not do it without you. Thank you for your continued support in creating the building blocks for a sustainable quality of life.

Every year, over 200 beneficiaries gain from your support. You make a difference.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Thank You