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General Donations

This donation form is suitable for those Outside Australia/Canada or who do not want a Tax Deduction.

Thank you for helping us reduce fees by making a donation via sendwave App.An instant tranfer to Africa, safe and secure way to make donations directly to M-pesa.

Donations via SendWave App instantly to M-Pesa

Sendwave charges no fees to both you and MOH, saving us tons of money each time you send!

1.Download the Sendwave App on the Apple Appstore or get it on google play.

2.Register for account and verify your identity.

3.Once your identity is verified and confirmed by wave, you are ready to send!

4.Click in the ‘To’ field, begin typing and select  ‘New M-Pesa Recipient.’ Then enter Thomas Nyawir , Kenya and 722813063 and click ‘Save.’

5. Enter your donation amount in the send field and follow prompts for requested transaction details.

Learn more about sendwave here 

Instant sendwave to M-pesa transfers only applicable to our friends from the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

Want to save even more? Email us for bank details.

Donations via Paypal

If you want to allocate your contribution to a specific project, simply select from the provided dropdown on the next screen, and select a fund designation.

You will be directed to Paypal, to initiate your donation via Paypal or Credit Card

Your donation helps our staff carry out the Mirror of Hope mission.We strive to build a sustainable kibera community through our education for life programs and accelerate income generating activities by empowering  women of Kibera.

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