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Help a child break free from the cycle of poverty and open up a world of possibilities by signing up to sponsor today.

Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorship help to cover all of the costs associated with a student’s education each year.

These expenses include:

  • the cost of school supplies (i.e. textbooks and stationery)
  • compulsory government school fees (payable before enrolment is accepted)
  • compulsory uniform and school lunch contributions
  • living and boarding expenses (most government secondary schools are boarding schools)
  • transport costs to and from school to home during school holidays (for some students school is a considerable distance from home)
  • additional tuition costs (where required)
  • welfare support, in the form of food and healthcare for students living in situations of extreme poverty

What you receive as a sponsor:

  • The joy of knowing you are changing a child’s life forever
  • An email with photos and information about your sponsorship
  • Personally written letters posted to you from your student
  • Your student’s school reports each term
  • Opportunity to visit the Mirror of Hope and your sponsor student, meet their family, see their house and safely walk around the Kibera Slum


  • Full sponsorship, covering all costs: USD$750/year
  • Share sponsorship, covering half costs: USD$375/year
  • Monthly installments are available
Recurring Sponsorship Options

In the best interests of our students, we request an ongoing commitment for our sponsorship programs, preferably for at least 3 years. If you are unable to make such a commitment but would still like to contribute specifically to sponsorship please consider the below sponsorship opportunities.

Smiling Kibera Boy

To find out more about our students and those who are currently searching for sponsorship visit the sponsor me  page.

Uniform Sponsorship 

Imagine not being able to attend school simply because you do not have the correct clothes?

Uniforms are compulsory for all schools in Kenya and failure to wear the correct uniform may result in the student being expelled from school. Your generosity will ensure that one of our students will have an appropriate school uniform; in turn allowing them to attend school and effectively focus on their education.



Visit the general donation page to support one or many students to purchase a uniform.

Textbook & Stationery Sponsorship 

As is similar around the world textbooks are extremely expensive in Kenya. Most students are forced to share books with many other students (five or more). We believe this impairs their ability to effectively utilise these resources and maximise their learning potential. With your generous textbook and stationery sponsorship you directly contribute to purchasing the essential materials required for our students to successfully complete their studies.



Visit the general donation page to support one or many students to purchase their textbooks & stationary.