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Kibera Charities

We know that we can’t fight this battle alone!

There are a number of other charities which offer support for people living in Kibera. We work hand in hand with these charities regularly to support those most in need.

  • Kibera in Need (KIN) – supports more than 200 children & AIDS victims. They focus on providing education, vocational training, nutritious food & business support.
  • Carolina for Kibera– an Aid for Africa project which fights poverty in the Kibera Slums and helps prevent violence through community-based development.
  • Vincent de Paul Community Development Organization– A grassroots project which commits to working with caregivers, mostly single mothers to provide early childhood development food and health services to orphans and other vulnerable children.
  • Polycom Development Projects– Runs campaigns to empower girls within the Kibera slums.

To learn more about Mirror of Hopes’ projects explore Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Empowering Women, and Educating children and adults in Kibera.

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