I first visited MOH in 2015 when it was a small, grassroots organisation with a big heart. Over the years MOH have implemented strong policies, procedures & governance to attract key funding, employ qualified staff and deliver life-changing programs to the hundreds of children, women, men and families they serve. The thing I love most about MOH is the transparency, authenticity & purpose behind the organisation. Keep up the empowering work!

Nathan Taiaroa Founder, Adventure Out Loud

I write to express my sincere appreciation for your hospitality during my visit to Mirror of Hope on 21 February 2023 and for joining us at the official opening of the Australian High Commission. The work you and your team do at Mirror of Hope is remarkable and it was a privilege to witness the resilience of the Kibera community and the impact of the many projects you are undertaking to support women and children, in particular. The connections of your organisation with Australia, including through support from the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia and the Australian NGO Cooperation Program, is a perfect representation of the warm and tangible people-to-people links that exist between Australia and Kenya. Thank you also for the opportunity to try the peanut butter produced at Mirror of Hope. I look forward to the possibility of meeting again in the future.

Hon. Tim Watts MP Australian Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mirror of Hope is an organization that has purposed to shine light and awaken hope in the lives of children, teenagers and youth from the informal settlement of Kibra. It has enabled them to access education, mentorship and opportunity for them to serve back their community. Some of them have even gotten a chance to utilize their skills and expertise within the organization. Just as the name suggests, may they continue being the mirror of HOPE to the lives of individuals and the community at large.

Moses Omondi Community Organizer, Kibra

Mirror of Hope has been helpful to my family as a SILC member and also in terms of sponsorship. As a SILC member, I have grown in different areas by being taught the benefits of savings and loaning. Through savings I have been able to build my house in the village. This has saved me from paying rent which has directed my earnings to educating my other children and supporting my family. We’ve also been put under training where we have been taught about business. This business training has been beneficial as I have been able to open my own business (butchery) and through that training, I am able to manage my business swiftly. In addition I have also been trained in SILC Methodology, life skills and business management and now am able to train my fellow SILC women. This has helped me build my confidence. In terms of sponsorship, MOH has helped my daughter through her education from high school up to the university. This has made her learning efficient as she has not been sent home once due to school fees issues. Everyday she is growing to be a responsible woman I am very proud of. Mirror of Hope has encouraged her to give back to the community through community service in different places like local schools and children homes. I am forever grateful to MOH as it has totally changed my life.

Monica Njeri Beneficiary