SILC Project

Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC)

SILC is an economic empowerment model that provides access to business training, microfinance and support for small business start-up development. 

The methodology was first adopted to empower and improve the living conditions of women in Kibera through economic intervention. Today the SILC project stands to economically empower both men and women through business start-ups and expansion. 

Since the inception of the SILC project, 150 women have accessed training in the selection, planning, and management of income generating activities. Furthermore, 147 women have been taught and trained in problem solving skills, communication, decision making, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and many other essential skills when operating a business. This project is proudly delivered in partnership with The Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and with support from Edmund Rice Foundation Australia (ERFA), our corporate partners.

Men’s Inclusion in The Project
Through testimonials from the SILC women, it was established that the men and husbands of the women did not understand the women’s experiences or appreciate them as business owners. Some men were embarrassed with the women being the main or sole providers and earning more money than them. This led to further household problems including domestic violence and men stealing money meant for saving from the women’s businesses. Therefore, in 2023,  SILC for men was started and currently a growing number of men continue to shape the project. 

The SILC project for men and women are identical in the areas of doing business startups, training, monitoring, and utilizing ToTs (Trainer of Trainees) to pass on knowledge as a part of sustainable empowerment.

This project is delivered in partnership with the Australian government through ANCP and with support from our corporate partners, ERFA.